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- 50/50 Hybrid


- Type I Flower.



Black Velvet is a unique and intriguing hybrid strain that is celebrated for its distinct appearance, complex flavor profile, and potent effects. The buds of Black Velvet are visually striking, characterized by their deep, dark purple hues and vibrant green undertones. These dense and tightly packed nugs are often coated in a generous layer of glistening trichomes, giving them a velvety and resinous texture that contributes to the strain's name. When it comes to aroma and flavor, Black Velvet delights the senses with a rich and diverse profile. It emits a sweet and fruity scent with hints of berries and grapes, reminiscent of a delectable fruit compote. As for taste, the strain delivers a harmonious blend of sweetness and earthiness, along with subtle notes of pine and spices on the exhale. The combination of flavors creates a pleasurable and well-rounded experience for the palate. In terms of effects, Black Velvet is known for its calming and relaxing properties. It induces a soothing body high that spreads throughout the limbs, easing tension and promoting deep relaxation. This strain is often sought after by those looking to unwind after a long day, as it can help alleviate stress, and muscle discomfort. Black Velvet's indica dominance is also accompanied by a mild cerebral euphoria, which can uplift the mood and enhance a sense of contentment.


* This product is not available for shipment in the following States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Deleware, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia.

Preroll - Black Velvet

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Terpenes - 2.688%

    THCVA - 0.102%

    D9 - THC - 0.209%

    THCA - 31.998%

    CBGA - 1.875%

    CBCA - <LOQ%

    TOTAL Cannabinoids - 34.184%


    -  Type I plants contain predominantly THCA, and contain low levels of CBDA.


    - Type II plants contain THCA and CBDA in approximately equal ratios, providing a more full spectrum effect.


    - Type III plants have high levels of CBDA, and relatively low levels of THCA.

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