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Available in 1G, 3.5G, 7G. - THCa+


- Type I Flower


- 50/50 Hybrid


Red Velvet is a hybrid strain known for it's exhilirating effects. Hints of chocolate and vanilla give way to a citrusy, zesty aroma with a warm vanilla overtone. Relaxation and cerebral feelings overtake as the effects take hold leading to an overall enjoyable experience.

Red Velvet

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  • D9 - THC - 0.087%

    THCVA - <LOQ

    CBGA - 0.931%

    CBCA - 0.104%

    THCA - 21.465%

    TOTAL Cannabinoids - 22.587%


    -  Type I plants contain predominantly THCA, and contain low levels of CBDA.


    - Type II plants contain THCA and CBDA in approximately equal ratios, providing a more full spectrum effect.


    - Type III plants have high levels of CBDA, and relatively low levels of THCA.

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